Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let the festivites begin!

Contrary to popular belief (i.e., my wife’s belief), I actually quite like Christmas. What I don’t like is all the commercial razzmatazz associated with it, and the fact that it drags on from somewhere in the middle of September until coming to an abrupt end as soon as Christmas dinner has been completely digested.

But anyway, obviously I’m going to make a video about Christmas in Germany, and so here it is. And most of what I say in the video is not far from the truth. The dreadful singing in church is the thing that really makes me wish I hadn’t been born: German churchgoers have a special knack for taking all the joy out of, well, everything. It’s not so much that the organists are all incompetent (although many of them are), but that there’s a strange, unshakable belief that singing in Church has to be dignified, or something. Happy songs are for TV shows. Hymns sung in church, even if the words might naturally suggest something different, must sound like funeral dirges.

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