Friday, April 20, 2012

Shiny new YouTube features

Once in a while, I get the chance to make a video for YouTube, which is nice of them. Or nice of me, perhaps, but I have ulterior motives: they bring more views which bring more cash. And you thought I was being altruistic.

In any case, this one introduces a whole range of updates which constituted a big, big project which got delayed again and again, which is always the way of big projects wherever they are. Finally it went live, and I have this mental image of YouTube engineers, haggard from worry and lack of sleep, collapsing exhausted among congealing slices of pizza and dirty coffee-cups, their heroic leader opening one eye to murmur, “Never again…” before falling back into a deep slumber.

Of course, the nightmare isn’t over yet, as soon all the bug reports will come rolling in to shatter this moment of temporary resolution.

There is always the chance that I simply have an overactive imagination.

Here’s the YouTube Creator Blog announcement. And here is the video:

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