Sunday, November 25, 2012

Having just moved...

Having just moved, I am drained of all my energy and pretty much all of my will to live. It’s been a tough year, building the place (there’s still a mountain of work to do); and particularly the last few months as we raced towards the deadline; and especially the last few weeks as, deadline almost upon us, the delays just mounted up and cause more delays; and especially the last few days as everything that could go wrong went wrong.

And I mean everything: unexpected expenses, workers suffering violent food poisoning, a flat tyre; even, at one point, my wife accidentally committing an act of theft (she realised her mistake and sorted it out before the police were called).

But it will all have been worth it, we keep telling ourselves. The new house is ours, meaning we’re not at the mercy of any landlord; it’s energy efficient, so we won’t be spending a king’s ransom on heating oil; it’s built to modern standards, meaning that I can light my studio properly without fear of blowing all the fuses or melting the wires; and twice a week, the baker’s van stops right outside.

Here’s a video for you:

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