Thursday, January 10, 2013

Radio interview for The English Programme

It’s just been confirmed, and I am allowed to tell you: on Saturday, 19th January, I will be interviewed live on radio. It’s expected that the interview will mostly be about my YouTube videos, but there may be time for some chat about German culture as well. The interview will be for a small private channel, Oldenburg Eins, but you can listen to the show live on its own special website.

The show begins at 12 noon Central European Time, which is 11 am GMT. This is, I’m afraid, bad news for anyone in America: sorry, guys, it’s going to be 6 am in New York and 3 am in Los Angeles. I have no idea whether a podcast will be available later.

If you’re in the Oldenburg area, sorry to you also: I won’t be travelling up there, camera in hand, because Oldenburg Eins doesn’t have the kind of budget that will stretch to a rail ticket and a hotel room. I’ll be doing the interview, through the marvellous medium of modern technology (read: Skype) from the comfort of my own home.

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