Sunday, September 1, 2013

So, what have I been up to?

Well, quite a lot really. There’s a sort of irony in the fact that having lots of exciting things to blog about leaves me with little time to blog. I could blog about blogging, which would solve that problem, but I think it would bore me, let alone you.

Perhaps the most important thing that happened to me recently was an actual TV appearance. That’s not as spectacular as it sounds: basically, it’s a tiny, local, private broadcaster called, which broadcasts to two districts. Still, I was interviewed for one of their shows, and if you understand German, you might like to watch it by following this link.

It was fun to do, and they were very nice about it: the interviewer, Sabrina Koblenz, obligingly asked if I’d consider making videos for money, quite deliberately.

In fact, generally I’ve been making sure that people in the area get to know me. I’ve turned up with my camera at a few events in my local village, with the effect that all my neighbours now know what I do. Here’s one:

Kleinkahl is the kind of place where few people can be anonymous for any time, and so by the next event, people were stopping me to ask what I did with my videos, the organiser gave me a shout out and now I feel I pretty much have carte blanche to film anywhere and anything. Why didn’t I think of this before, you may ask? I only moved here in November, is my reply.

I’ve started a playlist for my videos about Kleinkahl, so they’re all in one handy place. I like to think that eventually, it will become an interesting portrait of life in a small German village.

All I need now is for somebody to give me obscene amounts of money to make videos, and I’m all set. Meanwhile, I shall endeavour to blog more.

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